Live in the Minority!

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Originally posted on Money with Merne’s Facebook Page on March 10, 2017:

Today I’m sharing a recent encounter with the American culture of credit and debt. My husband works from home a few days a week and often gets knocks on the door from contractors working on neighbors’ homes and trying to drum up more business. I was home one day with him and overheard one of these visits and was very annoyed with the hard sell tactics and very proud of my husband for standing his ground. He said at one point that we had just gotten back from vacation and didn’t have the money and the guy’s instant response was “we take credit cards.” WOW. Financial Friends, it can be hard to be in the minority and live within or hopefully BELOW your means. It would be easier to just do what everyone else is doing and embrace instant gratification. But your rewards are better! YOU can sleep at night. YOU can retire and live the life you want. YOU aren’t one medical bill or a job loss away from bankruptcy or foreclosure. Keep going against the grain, friends!! And let’s see if we can change this American culture while we’re at it!

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